Are You Charging Enough For Your Employees?

Many trade businesses are not, and that is the main reason so many are not making the money they should be. The biggest reason they are not charging enough, is they have no idea what their employees are costing them - because it's time consuming to figure out...

Not With The Employee Cost Worksheet!

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What Is The Employee Cost Worksheet?

An easy to use worksheet that I developed as part of my Construction Numbers Mastery program, that - with the entry of a couple numbers will tell you what your employees are costing you per hour. You will then know if you are charging enough for your employees! This worksheet includes: 

Instruction Video

I provide a video that will walk you through how to use the worksheet, so you get the most from it!

Cost Breakdown

It will breakdown the cost of your employees, helping to ensure you are not missing any costs associated with an employee.

Multiple Spaces

The worksheet provides up to 10 different employees, allowing you to store and adjust numbers down the road.

Cost Calculator

Easy-to-use calculator to help you convert employee costs to labor burden percentages. This will make sure you have proper numbers.

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