To Succeed In Business, You Need A Structured Path To Follow! We Built It For You.

Introducing The High Performing Contractor Community - the world's foremost community designed to provide help & support to business owners in the trades.

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Did you know that up to 96% of contracting businesses fail before reaching 10 years in business? 

This failure rate in the highest among all industries in the United States.


You're busy, but you know you must improve your business to succeed. So we put together a place where you can get the tools and resources to do that! (And save you thousands of dollars!)


Running a trade business is hard! The last couple years have made it even crazier. But every business owner must learn they need to take time to work ON their business MORE!

Hey, I know you are someone that wants your business to be more than just a job you work at, and barely get by (or else you wouldn't be on this page reading this!).

But maybe you are like many that think you can do it all on your own and don't need help?

Maybe you think that you don't have the time to learn, or have the money to invest?

That is why you have to commit to taking your business to the next level of SUCCESS. That's why you have to learn how to operate and manage your business BETTER.

You have to SKILL UP to handle the inevitable challenges in business, especially when you want MORE! Which I know you do.

Here's a realization - you, as a business owner, must become more for your business to become more...

Here's another - too often we leave our business growth & success to chance! That is why you often find yourself frustrated - your business isn't growing as QUICK as you need it to!

How do you change this?

We've created a community... a hub... an online cultural center... whatever you want to call it, called The High Performing Contractor Community.

The HPC Community is an online platform that brings you training (LIVE & recorded), coaching (Q&A & our HPC Business Hours), resources, and workshops designed to help you in all areas of running a business.

All you need to do is signup, and you will have instant access to resources, training videos, and our HPC Marketplace.  If you are into growing as a business owner, building a successful business, and creating something extraordinary, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Every area of the platform is filled with tools and coaching, that you can implement into your business, providing strategy, best practices, and tips that help you stay on your A-game!

Plus, you basically get a personal business consultant with our weekly HPC Business Hours... for FREE!

You get over $2000 worth of resources and tools, PLUS more than $1000/mo worth of coaching, for only $29.99/mo.

This is a curated business development & support program that you have been wishing for.

Finally, a program that helps you grow all areas of your business, at a huge discount.

If you need the rest of 2022 & 2023 to be the best every, then let us help & support you through it with the best community in the world.


Get Access To All The Tools Now!

 Get The Support You Need To Build A Business That Provides You The Lifestyle You Desire.


The HPC Community

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Business?

This Community is a private membership area that is designed to provide help & support to business owners in the trades, helping them build businesses that are efficient, effective, & profitable machines; while having the life they desire.

Sign up now to be a part of this exclusive membership that was build specifically for you!

What's Included In The HPC Community...

Weekly LIVE Trainings w/ Q&A

Every week you get mastermind-level coaching, training, or just conversation on topics to encourage you from some of the best coaches in the industry. These times are designed to provide:

  • Time to learn, grow, and be encouraged
  • A time to answer questions on the topic
  • An evergreen resource as sessions are recorded and available for on-demand viewing

Weekly HPC Business Hours

Think of Business Hours as having an executive on call (or in an office) that you can go to talk through an issue, get advice, bounce an idea, etc. It is time set aside every week to help if you: 

  • Have a question about building your business
  • Are feeling stuck, and need support or advice
  • Want a tip or resource

HPC Resource & Video Libraries

We have built out a Resource Library and a Video Library to provide more tangible resources to help you take control of your business. We are continually adding to these libraries to help provide a full-scope of items that include:

  • Documents and worksheets
  • Training and informational videos 
  • Audio recordings 

HPC Marketplace

One of the worst things with other communities on social media is the "predatory selling". As a business owner, you are targeted by people trying to sell you their wares. With our HPC Marketplace you get:

  • An area that has business service options you can choose from.
  • Vetted & Trusted vendors, ensuring you will get the service we demand you get.
  • No direct selling atmosphere that allows you to focus on improving your business.

Make Money As A Member

We put together an affiliate and referral program to help our community grow, but also to help our members get paid while bettering their business! Here are the benefits:

  • Receive $20 for every person that enters your name when they sign up, and remains in the group for more than 14 days  
  • Receive a free bonus months
  • You can even get your membership for FREE

And so much more...

This Community Is For You If You...

  • Are wanting to build a successful business
  • Are ready to stop doing it on your own
  • Are sick of the unwanted ads & distractions while trying to learn
  • Dream of living a more comfortable life

I'm Joseph Toppi

I have been involved in the construction industry for over 24 years, with 20 years as a business owner of construction companies in both the USA and Canada.

I started out thinking that my skills and abilities were enough to run a business.  If I worked hard and provided a good quality product, I would make it - on my own!

I quickly found that I needed the help and support from coaches and trainers to make it in business. That shift was the single most important business decision I could make.

Getting the help I needed was the catalyst that propelled my businesses to become successful, and allowing me to live the lifestyle I always desired.

"The HPC programs have taken me through a shift in mindset, that has impacted the way I run my business. The results have been unparalleled to anything else I have tried."

- Kelly Goebel

"Joseph does a great job of breaking down and looking at all areas of your business. He was valuable in helping us navigate through Covid and its challenges."

- Jeremy Isted

"The HPC community is a game changer in the industry, providing business owners exactly what they need to run a successful business."

- Ron Alderman

The HPC Community

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Check out The High Performing Contractor Community for 14 days. If you aren't convinced that this will benefit you and your business, cancel before the 14 days. No questions asked.