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Is it possible to have Predictable Profitability?  Absolutely it is! In this ebook, I layout the 12 numbers every business owner must know, what to consider in estimating and bidding, and how to ensure you have Predictable Profitability!

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Construction Numbers Mastery

Adding Construction Numbers Mastery to your business will elevate your financial success. 

Construction Numbers Mastery provides instructional and informational videos on how to expose the company's true costs and expenses, and using data to provide company numbers like margin, mark-up, and bid volume. 

It walks you through a deep dive into the company's numbers, but in a painless way.  The amount of company financial information that is reveled for the effort is unparalleled. 

This is the perfect pre-curser to any bidding or estimating software companies use, because softwares start at the point of the company already knowing things like: overhead, employee costs, equipment costs, and mark-up.

When you purchase Construction Numbers Mastery, you get the CNM interactive workbook that has worksheets to find:

  • Management Expense
  • Management Vehicle Expense
  • Overhead Budget 
  • Sales Projections
  • Gross Profit Margin Target
  • Mark up
  • Profit Goal 
  • Bid Volume Needed
  • Labor Cost 
  • Crew Cost 
  • Equipment Cost 

The best part of the worksheets is, that with a little bit of information from you, the worksheets do all the calculations! 

To make it a truly valuable program, we have also included:

  • A Summary Sheet - this is a one-page, printable sheet that contains all of the company's numbers for easy reference.
  • Days Outstanding Calculator - the DSO Calculator takes three numbers you enter in, and provides you with your DSO (learn more about what DSO is, in this program).
  • Job Tracking Worksheet - track your job tasks and equipment usage, easily with this printable worksheet. 
  • Data Collection Worksheet - all the data that is track through the Job Tracking Worksheet gets entered to provide information to streamline estimating and bidding, as well as provide more accurate numbers.

This program provides you the solution to truly: